How to make the taste of tobacco oil more exciting

Cigarette oil is as important to electronic cigarettes as it is to people. Tobacco oil is the most important component of electronic cigarette. Smokeless oil is not electronic smoke. Players who know more about tobacco oil know that the newly adjusted tobacco oil is not as tasty as the tobacco oil that has been stored for a period of time. This is because of the awakening oil. Awakening is the process of further integrating the various components in the tobacco oil and gradually mellowing, just like cellaring Baijiu and red wine. The process of oil awakening includes a series of slow and complex physical and chemical reactions. It is necessary to strictly control the temperature, humidity, air volume, and microbial conditions to make the oil awakening reach the best state.

Why do you need oil? Because when the tobacco oil is just prepared, the integration of essence and base liquid is still not sufficient, and there will be various differences in the taste, often sucking out a certain flavor of essence; In addition, when the tobacco oil is stirred, there will be many tiny bubbles. The reason why the oil is easy to fry is because of the bubbles; In addition, the tobacco oil itself contains too much heat energy, and the taste is unstable, so it needs to let excess energy.