Five Suggestions for Smokers to Play Electronic Cigarettes

Five suggestions for regular smokers to play with electronic cigarettes: These are five small experiences summarized by the French player Ghyslain ARMAND through his own experience, which can be used as a reference for regular smokers to play with electronic cigarettes, so that scholars can easily and directly find their own electronic cigarette oils.

Old smokers play with electronic cigarettes ---- first of all, they should understand what this is and their expectations.

At the beginning, you should understand that the electronic cigarette is not a cigarette roll, and it cannot be lit without tobacco. This is an atomizing device that atomizes the electronic cigarette oil (with or without nicotine) through the heating wire and atomizing cotton, and then inhales it into the lungs to feel like smoking. There are usually five basic components of the cigarette oil:

O Part of PG (propylene glycol) is mainly used to generate steam and transport nicotine and spices.

O Part of VG (vegetable glycerin) mainly increases the density of the steam generated (making the steam thicker and whiter), and also transports nicotine and spices.

O A few food grade spices (artificial or natural) are used to give the liquid tobacco various flavors.

O Water

O Alcohol

For the old smokers with smoking addiction, electronic cigarette is a good way to reduce the health risk, which is very important. Compared with traditional cigarettes, the significance is more obvious. In France, about 73000 people die each year because of smoking. According to Belsey's report, the annual revenue of tobacco companies is 47 billion euros (including 14 billion taxes).

Old Smokers Play Electronic Cigarettes ---- Buy Good Cigarette Oil

Don't try to find the taste of real cigarettes. There is a big difference. However, compared with traditional cigarettes, the pleasure brought by electronic cigarettes may be relatively better, which requires high-quality tobacco oil, methods and time.

It may sound stupid, but the difference of cigarette oils can fully reflect the difference of electronic cigarettes. Especially for beginners, good cigarette oils can make you like electronic cigarettes in one minute. Bad cigarette oils may not want to try again after the first sip. The key is to screen tobacco oils. You must try different types of electronic tobacco oils to find one that is most suitable for you in terms of taste and nicotine content.

Old Smokers Play Electronic Cigarettes ---- Don't completely stop smoking cigarettes at the beginning

This third point is aimed at individual smoking cessation behavior. You should know that quitting smoking is very painful, just like being nervous and depressed in hell. Don't force yourself not to touch ordinary cigarettes once and for all, and just smoke electronic cigarettes directly. The initial process of quitting smoking is always full of disappointment, but don't give up electronic cigarettes because they only play a 70% replacement role. On the contrary, it shows that electronic cigarettes have played an obvious role in your way to quit smoking. 

It took the author several months to slowly reduce the amount of smoking, and finally completely gave up cigarettes and only used electronic cigarettes. This process needs to be carried out naturally. For example, I only smoke one less cigarette today, but it is more effective than yesterday. You can try this method, and it will be effective after a period of time.

Old smokers play electronic cigarettes ---- they often communicate in blogs and forums

Communicate with other comrades in arms on topics related to electronic cigarettes in blogs and forums. The strength of the group helps to strengthen the confidence to stay away from ordinary cigarettes,

The electronic cigarette is a kind of device that may be a little complicated for beginners (the learning curve will be mentioned). Therefore, the author suggests that beginners can learn and communicate more in the forum, which generally answers your questions warmly and friendly.

Old Smokers Play Electronic Cigarettes ---- Diversification of Electronic Cigarettes and Oils

The charm of electronic cigarette is that it can bring you different kinds of fun. Different brands may have different ingredients. Although they have the same taste, the steam effect may be completely different. There are many kinds of electronic cigarette oil on the market, such as the United States, France, China, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, the Philippines, etc. But the best reputation is still American tobacco oil, but the price is expensive. The French cigarette oil market in China has not been fully opened, but as we all know, French spices are civilized all over the world, and it is believed that French cigarette oil will bring more and better products to the vast number of Chinese electronic cigarette enthusiasts.