Kyodo Ceramic Tank (Tiffany Green) GO TO PRODUCT PAGE

  • Brand: Atom Vapes
  • Product Code: KCT139-US5927
  • Availability: In Stock

Sharp, bold, and exciting, the Kyodo tank is anything but simple. With advanced heat dispersion features that keep it cool even after long vaporous hits. A large 4ml drum capacity allowing a huge liquid reservoir, leave the house without the fear of having to refill. A tank without a good coil is like a hot chick without personality, so we have coupled in this box the new gCeramic coils, fresh from the kiln, still smoking and ready to vape. Not only that, but unlike your marriage, these coils will last an extremely long time due to the ceramic. The improved structure also filters a lot of the external elements, so yeah; it’s a hell of a tank.