Meet the Team

Musa Shah - Sales Director

Our international sales manager sets goals and achieves them, a highly inspiring individual with a great sense of humor. He helps us all love our jobs just a little bit more.
Hobbies - Reading, football/soccer, languages, documentaries

Enzo - Head of Engineering

Enzo is the head of engineering here at Atom Vapes. His drive, ambition and interest in the vaping industry are astounding. He is always on the cutting edge of new product development.
Hobbies – Basketball, modified cars, reading, technology

Eddie Qadir - Social Media Coordinator

Eddie is in charge of all the social media aspects of our brand. He keeps himself in the loop for all information related to the vaporizer and e-cig industry. He has a massive following on Facebook that helps our products reach more users worldwide. He creates advertising campaigns by observing current social trends and implementing them into key demographics.
Hobbies – Writing, movies, travelling, video games, Earnest Hemmingway

Tony Zho - Brand Director

The man with the plan, our Brand Director designs all of our innovative products. A designer by trade, all the packaging and point of sales materials are also designed by him. He is a highly creative individual with a drive and passion for design.
Hobbies – Sports, eating out, travelling, TED conferences

Taz Dean - Sales Director EMEA

Taz is responsible for fulfilling all our UK customers' requirements and answer any questions they may have. Taz is becoming an influential figure in the UK vaping community through attending meetings, going to exhibitions and joining conferences. Taz has a great attitude to work and a valuable member of the Atom Vapes team.
Hobbies – Cricket, movies, travelling, cars and football/soccer

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