gCeramic SUBXERΩ 0.5Ω x4 VCC Coils (For Crown Tanks Only) GO TO PRODUCT PAGE

  • Brand: Atom Vapes
  • Product Code: VCC100-US6016
  • Availability: In Stock

It's not just any ceramic coil, it's a flavor exploding gCeramic. Designed by the British master coil builders Atom Vapes, gCeramic coils are individually handcrafted and tested to flavor perfection. Where cotton burning and vaping shrapnel transform the taste of juice, gCERAMICS give you unadulterated liquid flavor, which is why we at Atom Vapes refer to them as FLAVOR COILS.


SPECIFICATION: 0.5Ω coils, 25w/100w recommended usage 40 watts

CONTENTS: One pack contains 4 Coils. Our coils on average last 3-4 weeks.