B2B Reseller Options

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Approved Atom Vapes Reseller (AAVR). Before beginning the application, please review the information below.

Requirements Checklist

  1. References
    1. You will be asked to provide up to 3 client, industry, or vendor references.
  2. Document
    1. You will be required to provide the following documentation in electronic form (PDF, JPEG, TIF, PNG, or GIF): Business License

Reseller Process

  1. Send an email to reseller@atomvapes.com with your company information, references (if required), documentation and contact information for the primary contact.
  2. Atom Vapes will review the information provided and will notify you on the status of the process.
  3. If the authorization is approved, Atom Vapes will send an approval email or call the person listed in the email as the primary contact.
  4. The approval email will have instructions for completing the Approved Atom Vapes Reseller Agreement. The Agreement can only be completed by the primary contact that has the Legal Signature Authority for your company.


  • Atom Vapes will not consider applications that do not meet the Approved Atom Vapes Reseller requirements.
  • Meeting the requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the reseller program.
  • Atom Vapes reserves the right to reject any application without comment.
  • Your privacy is important at Atom Vapes. To review how Atom Vapes safeguards your personal information, please see the Atom Vapes Privacy Policy.

Retailer Packages

We offer convenience to all the retailers that stock our brand. Our retailer packages include beautifully crafted acrylic displays with preassembled product inside. It gives our customers an easy way to display the products on their shelves. We have a bunch of POS materials to help you sell the product, along with a number of helpful suggestions and advice to help you make the most out of Atom Vapes’ Products.

Please contact reseller@atomvapes.com for more information.

​Distribution Program

We are looking to team up with distributors to expand our brand into the retail and online markets. If you are a distributor that is looking for amazing products at amazing prices, you’ve come to the right place.

Please contact our sales department for information about some wonderful opportunities that we have pending for you.

Why Choose Atom

  • Brand recognition
  • Unique products
  • Great quality
  • Superior marketing strategy
  • Prices geared for profits
  • Innovative packaging designs

Please contact reseller@atomvapes.com to get started.

Affiliate Program

The vaporizer industry is growing at an insane rate; people everywhere are reaping the rewards. With our affiliate program you can also do the same. We offer an intense amount of support for our affiliate partners, because at the end of the day your success is our success. We offer high resolution banners to attract 

customers, digital POS materials, a highly attractive commission and a brand that's recognized everywhere.

Why Choose Atom:

  • A brand that speaks volumes
  • Un-paralleled build quality
  • Great conversion rates
  • Quick and easy payment
  • Attractive commission
  • Recurring sales to bring income every month
  • Customer service that's available 24/7

Please contact reseller@atomvapes.com for more information.

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